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the workers made it out alive. so far, so good. >>> the defense in the fabrice tourre case didn't call any witnesses. so closing arguments set for today. jury deliberations expected to start tomorrow. the former goldman sachs trader is accused of secretly helping paulson and company construct $2 billion deal that could bet against. good to find clients on both sides of the trade. mary thompson is covering the story and will join us at 8:40 eastern. >>> two stars of the reality show "the housewives of new jersey" will be in court today. federal prosecutors charge them with just being totally obnoxious and unwatchable. no, i'm sorry, with 39 -- and totally irrelevant. no, 39 counts of fraud, alleging they used fake pay stubs, tax returns and w-2s to secure $5 million in loans before trying to declare bankruptcy. the stars, that's who they are. right there. know how to say that? >> teresa and joe giudice. i heard it on npr. >> 30 years in prison and millions of dollars in fines if convicted. >> problem? sister network. >> pretty good show. really. i don't know about these people. the show is
coming and testifying, what does that look like. especially when they're trying to defend defense what the sec is alleging here. >> just makes you wonder what happened, why they stopped cooperating in may. we talked with jacob frankel and he said the company was cooperate to go a certain point and it makes him wonder if other companies will rethink cooperation. >> optics are confusing especially considering cohen and s.a.c. settled with the sec in march 6$616 million. they had to have believed they would clear them of any potential forthcoming action. and to see that come two months later, they must have been extremely confused. so i think that when they probably stopped cooperating, i don't know this for sure, but they had to have been under the impression that whatever they were doing to cooperate wasn't working. and that they would be better off not cooperating. but certainly an interesting turn of events and wield very to s we'll have to see what the charges look like. >> thank you very much. joining us is hugh johnston. we appreciate your time to talk about some of these numbers.
and the government cuts. it's to defense. that's very productive. that's a big hit to gdp. it's not as big a hit to jobs. >> it's hard to have this conversation without bringing bruce kasman in which we'll do in just a second. the sector, 22,000 up for construction. is that one of the stronger numbers we've seen for construction? that's a delay we had. we had a surge in housing but then we didn't see the employment gains, now it seems to be coming a little bit later. the manufacturing sector, which mark i went back and checked, your manufacturing numbers are much weaker than the government's manufacturing numbers. is there a reason you could be undercounting it or the government overcounting? >> first construction. i'm counting on lots of good things from construction. we'll get a lot more home building. we should see more months of 20, 30 k going forward. this is key to getting to a higher level of job growth going forward. i'm expecting a lot there. this is just the beginning of it. in terms of manufacturing, bls is 0 to plus 5. adp has been 0 to minus 5. >> it's 50,000 jobs over the level is
, excluding aircraft and defense the number is decent, but it's not the extra impetus that you need to see in order to see a bigger peck up in business investment. right now, it looks like business investment is running in the low single digits at the end of q 2, heading into q3. it will be more difficult to achieve that high end of the forecast which is 3, 3.5% going into 2014 with business investment growing 5 to 8%. >> are the numbers today suggestive of the second quarter should be revised up a little bit? i had an average of below 1%. >> for us, according to our estimate the slowdown in consumer spending and business investments seems to have picked up actually a little bit if q2. we are seeing something around 1.2 right now. >> what about the claims number? 343, this level, what does that tell you about jobs and what we might get next friday? >> well, we had stand, our view right now, job growth will remain between 175 and 200. claims number to me suggests we are probably close to the consensus around 180 right now. >> and unemployment would be what? >> unemployment is a tougher call
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4